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The Team

A team of experienced specialists is behind Laila Project: find out who they are

Serial entrepreneur founder of many successful companies in the field of Digital Marketing.

Carmine Pappagallo

CEO & Founder
Computer scientist, visionary, innovator, is the technological heart of the Laila project.

Gianfranco Fedele

CEO & Founder - Head of A.I. Dept
The Manager at the center of many innovative projects of the start-up scene in Italy

Manuela Pignalosa

Financial Specialist
    Expert in Financial Management of many Start-Ups and Scale-Ups

    Claudia Coronella

    Controller Budgeting
      Former Innovation Manager of Intesa Sanpaolo, expert in Private Equity, passionate innovator.

      Giovanni de Caro

      Consultant Advisor and Financial Development
        Software Architect, speaker, trainer, former Software Quality Management for P.A. in Italy

        Ciro Fiorillo

        Head Research & Development
          Graphic Designer for digital and social media. Graduated in Graphic Design, passionate cartoonist.

          Miriana Bongo

          Graphic Designer
            Graduate in Software Engineering, experienced Web Architect with a focus on Marketing Automation

            Marilina Caporale

            Senior Development
              Graduate in Software Engineering, Artificial Neural Network Scientist.

              Armando Ospedale

              A.I. Scientist
                Graduate in Software Engineering, Artificial Neural Network Scientist.

                Antonio Di Girolamo

                A.I. Scientist


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