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Boost your Customer Care

Laila Engage allows you to combine the expertise of your customer care with the efficiency of Laila.

Any customer care, even if highly specialized, usually spends most of its time answering to simple and recurring questions.

In a similar context, Laila Engage allows you to have:

A first level customer care where Laila answers the most frequent questions
A second level customer care made up of specialized human operators

Laila can recognize when the user asks a more complex question and only in that circumstance she requests the assistance of a human operator in chat.

Laila Engage is the cut solution for those who want:

Reduce customer care costs
Defere to Laila the worst part of the assistance to the users.

When Laila considers to be necessary to transfer the communication to a human operator:

communicates to the user a list of contacts with which to communicate with the second level operators
ask the user for a contact (phone or email) and forward it to second level customer care
puts the user on hold allowing a second-level operator to enter the chat and replace Laila (human takeover)

Laila Engage solution

3 Active Conversational Agents
Up to 15,000 conversations per month
Active h24
Customer Care Activities
Back Office and conversation history
Interfacing with product and service databases
Avatar customization
Customization of answers
Automated feedback on the quality of conversations
Human takeover
Management of time slots human operator / Laila
Opening trouble tickets
Assistance with the purchase procedure for e-commerce
Service setup
2 hours of training
299,00 €/mese

Activate Laila Engage for your business and ride the digital transformation

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SSI001605 – CUP: C26G18000010008 – AXIS III Investment priority 3rd Action 3.5.1