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How Laila manages lead generation and revolutionizes the sales funnel

Ciro Fiorillo and Gianfranco Fedele explain how Laila, the chatbot with a human heart, will help companies in the lead generation and revolutionize their sales funnel.

We have already written about the activities that a chatbot like Laila can perform in lead generation. Our technicians are getting closer and closer to the industrialization of this function, to make it soon available on the market:
“We are in the testing phase and the answers have been very satisfactory so far. We have tried the lead generation function on e-commerce sites”, explains Ciro Fiorillo, the manager who deals with our chatbot with a human heart services industrialization .
We had a chat with him and with Gianfranco Fedele, CTO of Laila: together they told us how Laila can facilitate the marketing activities of SMEs.

Laila that generates leads: this is how

Gianfranco says that with its lead generation function, “Laila aims to become an active subject in the conversation, stimulating the user to perform actions on the site”.
“In other words, this is how it works – echoes Ciro – Imagine that the user has already performed actions, such as asking about a service, or purchased an article of a certain type. Laila can suggest him to read an article from the blog to deepen the knowledge of a product, or recommend it, when there are special discounts or promotions.

Laila revolutionizes the funnel

Gianfranco then dwells on how a chatbot that undertakes lead generation actions completely transform the sales funnel:
“In a traditional funnel, users are invited to perform certain actions over time, such as reading an email, or subscribing to a landing page, which are not always immediate. With Laila, on the other hand, the funnel starts with the conversation and ends immediately. For example, with info on discounts or with the request to the user to share their email for more information. So, as you can imagine, the processes become more fluid and natural.

Tests on sites, Messenger and Telegram

There are several channels on which the Laila team is testing the lead generation function. From websites and ecommerce on which the team has focused in the first months of work, the team have recently added tests on messaging platforms such as Messenger and Telegram:
“The idea from which we start – continues Ciro – is to offer Laila for any communication channel chosen by the company. There are activities that operate mainly through site and email, others that prefer the higher speed of messaging chats.
Gianfranco underlines Laila’s versatility: “We cannot and do not want to impose a communication channel on the company, to the detriment of another. A chatbot works if it fits perfectly into the communication flows that the company already follows and on which it is stronger. For this reason, Laila aims to integrate more and more with any kind of platform”.


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