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Customer Care

Laila allows you to improve the efficiency of your internal Customer Care department, the chat statistics managed by humans return a very interesting datum, that for which 70% of the requests that arrive are repetitive and linked to simple search mechanisms on the date basic, a human operator performs a job that is not very gratifying when he carries out this type of activity and takes much more time to do it, imagine how long it can take a human to find the data of a customer’s order, on average between 50 and 100 seconds

LAILA with the Human function takes only 2 SECONDS to respond to your customer.


Users browse the sites and ask for info normally during non-working hours and often after 10pm in the evening and before 9am in the morning, LAILA assists your user “always”


And when the level of conversation is so high is there necessarily a need for human intervention? LAILA has the “HUMAN TAKE OVER” module can be programmed to move the conversation to your human customer, and the latter will already have all the data of the first conversation and therefore part of the work already done.

Laila recovers Leads & Customers

But the advantages of LAILA do not end there, if you have taken the solution with Engage, LAILA will carry out according to the indications that you will have programmed in the back-office a customer and lead recovery activity, you can offer customized promotions depending on the user, you can decide to give LAILA discount coupons, you can get leads because LAILA acquires your users’ contacts in full compliance with privacy regulations, profiling them according to your indications


SSI001605 – CUP: C26G18000010008 – AXIS III Investment priority 3rd Action 3.5.1