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you ask...
laila answers.

This is not a common Chatbot, but a high-performance interaction platform

Automation with
a human touch

LAILA has been developed by Mazer Srl technical team and is the first chatbot platform in Italy with a very sophisticated system of interactions between several artificial intelligences and AIML language, in order to make Laila not just a Chatbot but a multi-channel platform that manages thousands of intents. Completely focused on the comprehension of the natural language, Laila has developed such a conversational level that it does not appear to be a Bot for more than 60% of the users who have already used it.

Artificial Intelligence
for your Marketing

LAILA is currently the most powerful marketing tool for online activities, since it works simultaneously and synergistically on multiple channels such as Website Chat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp and does so 24/7, managing multiple conversations simultaneously.

Simple. Intuitive. Empathic.

Here’s what she can do for you:

Customer care
Lead nurturing
Lead generation
E-commerce Assistant
Engage Marketing
CRM Integration
Conversations logging
Play Video

Those who have already chosen Laila


SSI001605 – CUP: C26G18000010008 – AXIS III Investment priority 3rd Action 3.5.1